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Sleep sensing made


Discreetly installed under a bed mattress, our automatically operating sleep analyzer provides the most comprehensive sleep, recovery and bio-signals data on the market. No device to wear, no charging or phone pairing. If you’re after unparalleled ease of use and accurate data, you’ve come to the right place. Learn more about our solution for your needs below.

Sleep and recovery analysis for improving sports performance. Our original sleep tracker with the maximum amount of insights, including all night HRV (heart rate variability) for those who want to find all the leverage they can to optimize their training intensity, maximize their performance and start breaking records.


Sleep and wellness tracking made simple for those who want to keep an eye on their health but don’t want to wear a device at night or endlessly keep charging one. EMFIT QS offers all the insight you need to learn how to find more balance in your life between work, daily activities and the rest your body and mind require to feel energized.

Discreet wellness monitoring for safer senior living alone at own home and more peace of mind for family members.

Discreet bed occupancy, egress and wellness monitoring for better senior care. Be it independent or assisted living or skilled nursing homes, we can help you.


Contact-free ballistocardiograph for higher participant compliance in sleep, cardiac and pulmonary research. Secure, autonomous and automatic data capture, process and delivery to your endpoint URL via API.