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The science behind EMFIT QS

EMFIT QS relies on ballistocardiography; detecting the heart beat, breathing and other body movements from under the mattress. Ballistocardiography is a technique for producing a graphical representation of repetitive motions of the human body arising from the sudden ejection of blood into the great vessels with each heart beat.

“Ballistocardiography – Technique of graphic representation of the movements of the body imparted by the ballistic forces (recoil and impact) associated with cardiac contraction and ejection of blood and with the deceleration of blood flow through the large blood vessels. These movements, quantitatively every minute, are translated by a pickup device (transducer) into an electrical potential which is suitably amplified and recorded on a conventional electrocardiograph or other recording machine.” 

Explanation by courtesy of National Library of Medicine (NLM).


No more charging

Our proprietary, own manufactured electro-active material in the sensor is self-biased and does not use any power. In fact, only the small electronics placed on the floor uses electricity. Moreover, because the device uses medical grade AC adapter connected to mains power, you won’t need to worry about charging your device or running out of battery.

Extremely sensitive

Our patended sensor technology is extremely sensitive. Therefore, you can place the sensor even under a thick memory foam mattress. Why wear a device to bed when you could just slide a sensor under the mattress and feel so much more comfortable?

Sleep like a baby

The sensor is connected to a wireless WiFi or cellular data transceiver with a fixed, long, durable cable. Therefore, you can place it far from your bed. Say goodbye to sleep disturbance.

It doesn't get any easier​

The best part? Thanks to our embedded data acquisition with own processor and memory, WiFi or cellular mobile data connectivity and cloud data processing, the data capture is fully automatic and autonomous. Consequently, you won’t need to turn equipment on and off. Just go to sleep and that’s it!