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Our team consists of over 20 highly motivated, skilled and experienced professionals. Many of the members are owners at the company, living in Finland, Germany, USA, Canada and China. The whole team has a complementary set of skills including science, engineering, sales experience and entrepreneurship. 

You can contact us directly via email at [email protected]



Emfit Ltd
Konttisentie 8 B
Phone: +358 20 778 0870


Heikki Räisänen

CEO & Co-Founder

Tel. +358 500 678 767

Pekka Penttinen

Pekka Penttinen

After Sales

Tel. +358 20 778 0870

Jari Rinne

Jari Rinne

VP of Sales, EMEA


Emfit, Corp.
P.O. Box 342394
Austin, TX 78734
Phone: +1 (512) 266-6950

Pekka Rintala

Pekka Rintala

President & CEO

Tel. (512) 266-6950


East Asia

Emfit Technology Co., Ltd
#2004 Dingsheng-Guangchang 1st bldg., Jinhui-Road, Danshui,
Huiyang, Huizhou-City, Guangdong,
China (516211)

Ricky Moon

Ricky Moon

General Manager & CEO


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