Safer living at home for older seniors by discreet tracking of sleep routines and wellness

We want to make independent living possible even for the oldest seniors, so that they can stay at the comfort of their own homes for as long as possible. That is why we have created a non-wearable wellness and sleep monitor that is installed under the mattress in bed. It enables family members to track the sleep routines of the grandma or grandpa, which is useful especially when he or she is living home alone. Tracking sleep quantity and sleep quality, heart and breathing rates and movement activity can allow for early intervention in case of a change in wellness – and gives peace of mind for family members. With no device to wear and all automatic operation, we make independent living safer.

Rest assured knowing your loved-one is safe and sound - even when living home alone


Time in bed

EMFIT QS shows the time spent in bed, which can be used as an indication of the senior's wellbeing.

Number of bed exits

This data can be very important. Behavioral change is easily noticed and can allow early intervention.

Resting heart rate​​

EMFIT QS calculates heart and breathing rates every four seconds. A noticeable change in resting heart rate (RHR) may mean a change in general health. For example, RHR may rise even a couple of days before actual flu symptoms begin.

Trends up to one year

Long-term trends help to recognize and notice any changes in wellness.

Tossing and turning

This data is based on tossing and turning events during sleep. It can tell how restless or restful the sleep is.

Cellular data connectivity and plan included

The +CARE subscription includes our cellular data hardware and plan. All you need to do is put the sensor under the mattress and plug it into the wall.

INTENDED USE: EMFIT QS is intended for the purpose of  tracking wellness and sleep routines. In this intended use it is not a medical device and the data is not intended to be used for diagnosis or monitoring of a disease or other conditions.

“With EMFIT QS, I always know how my old mum’s doing – even when she doesn’t answer the phone. It’s saved me many useless inspection trips – taking into account she lives 250 km away!”

Esa Soppi

Specialist of Internal Medicine

Effortless... and completely unnoticeable

Our sensor is incredibly easy and comfortable to use, which makes it the perfect solution for independent living for the elderly. There is nothing to attach to the body – the device is completely non-wearable. Our proprietary self-biased ferro-electret sensor technology is very sensitive and thus allows placing the sensor even under a thick memory foam mattress. The under-mattress placement and durable construction also ensure longevity without the need to be replaced regularly. EMFIT QS has automatic and autonomous measuring, so there is nothing to turn on or off, and it has its own processor and memory so there is no need for a phone to use it! There is also no need for charging the device or changing batteries.

Know if anything out of the ordinary happens

Access data easily on any device and get notifications in real-time

Access data easily on any device with a browser

There is no software to download; the service works on any computing device with a browser. It is far easier for you to access data on any computing device simply with a browser, assuring compatibility over the years to come when phones, tablets, and computers change frequently. These are the reasons for our strategy to develop an autonomously and automatically over the Internet operating platform and web application.

Real-time notifications to your phone and/or email

You will get bed occupancy and exit related notifications in real-time to any Android™ device, phone or tablet. Email notifications are also available. You will be sent push notifications if the senior does not go to sleep in his/her typical time window in the evening, if he/she does not return to bed in preset delay after leaving the bed during the night, or if he/she does not leave the bed in his/her typical time window in the morning.

Safer independent living for older seniors begins here

Plans and Pricing

Fair and simple: EMFIT QS sensor with monthly or yearly +CARE subscription. Cellular connectivity data plan included. Save money by choosing a longer subscription period.



per month

$39 billed monthly until cancelled

6-month minimum commitment



per month

$384 billed on order

Can be renewed at the same discounted rate on a monthly or yearly basis after the first 12 months

SAVE 18%

Free shipping for yearly subscription