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Safer and more efficient senior care

Many challenges are faced in senior care today. One out of five falls can cause serious injuries such as a fractured hip or head trauma. In addition, night-time nursing staff often have a tremendous workload which may contribute to stress – an endemic problem that can lead to work-related sick leave, health problems and a decrease in efficiency. The real-time information provided by EMFIT QS helps to reduce nurses’ stress and workload and residents’ falls. Installed under the mattress, EMFIT QS is a real-time bed occupancy and exit monitor operating over the Internet from cloud. It provides a real-time user interface for any computing device with a browser. Bed exit and not return to bed notifications are provided with Android application.

Emfit QS improves safety and reduces costs in senior care

Smarter care decreases costs and stress

Fall and wandering prevention

Controlling bed exits can help prevent falls and wandering.

Higher efficiency and reduced stress

Smart night round is more efficient and can decrease nurses’ stress.

Insightful metrics

Measuring sleep and resting times and comparing them between residents can help to identify those who may need attention before others.

 “EMFIT QS is an indispensable aid during the nightshift because it is possible for a nurse to more easily monitor the residents of two wards at the same time.”

Jaana Nousiainen 
Annankoti, Jyväskylä


Time in bed

EMFIT QS shows the time spent in bed, which can be used as an indication of the person's wellbeing.


Long-term trends up to one year help to recognize and notice any changes in health.

Bed exits

This data can be very important. Behavioral change is easily noticed and can allow early intervention.

Tossing and turning

This data is based on small movements as well as detecting bigger tossing & turning events during sleep. It can tell how restless or restful sleep is.

Independent living

Push notifications via the app

  • Immediately at bed exit
  • If not returned to bed in preset delay
  • If no tossing & turning for a period of time

Real-time bed occupancy view for a group

  • Residents on move and duration
  • Residents in bed and duration
  • Devices without data connection
Emfit Macbook

“EMFIT QS is a new digital health solution that tackles many of today’s problems in senior care.”

Heikki Räisänen
Emfit Ltd
CEO & Co-founder

EMFIT QS is all about ease of use

Our proprietary ferro-electret sensor technology is very sensitive and thus allows placing the sensor even under a very thick memory foam mattress. The sensor is comprised of self-biased electro-active material and does not generate any capacitive field that might disturb sleep. There is nothing to attach to the body – the device is completely non-wearable. The under-mattress placement and durable construction of EMFIT QS also ensure longevity without the need to be replaced regularly. EMFIT QS has automatic and autonomous measuring, so there is nothing to turn on or off, and the device has its own processor and memory so there is no need for a phone to use it! There is also no need for charging the device or changing batteries.

Ease the nightly workload of nurses

Software as a Service

EMFIT QS software is centrally hosted and is licensed and delivered as a service on a subscription basis (SaaS).

Web application

There is no software to download; the service works on any computing device with a browser. It is far easier for users to access data on any computing device simply with a browser, assuring compatibility over the years to come when phones, tablets, and computers change frequently. These are the reasons for our strategy to develop an autonomously and automatically over the Internet operating platform and web application.

Push / email notifications

Bed occupancy and exit-related notifications are delivered in real-time to any Android™ device, phone or tablet. Email notifications are also available. For example when the user leaves the bed at night, is away over the preset delay, does not go to sleep in the evening or does not leave the bed in the morning.

API integrations

We have real-time and after sleep period APIs for data and events integrations, for example for health data integrators and safety phone operators.

What is an API? It stands for Application Programming Interface (API) and is roughly defined as the allowance and processes to give programs access to connect and essentially, communicate with other programs. It’s a software-to-software interface that allows for separate parties to talk to each other without any previous user knowledge or intervention. It runs the processes behind the scenes.

Whole solution overview