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Reaching higher goals

Reaching higher goals

When Your Body Needs to Be Understood

Getting enough sleep is undoubtedly a good thing. However, we never know what exactly happens in our bodies while we sleep. Have you ever noticed that sometimes after only a couple of hours of rest you feel excellent, but sometimes even 10 hours of shuteye just won’t make you feel fresh?

Emfit QS helps you understand your recovery. Thus, you’ll be able to adjust your training schedule in order to effectively optimize it. Emfit QS measures heart and breathing rates, activity and restlessness, sleep quality (amounts of light, deep and REM sleep). Finally, and most importantly – especially for athletes – it measures recovery (HRV) throughout the entire night. This enables you to understand how your body responds to training and how efficiently you recover from it.

“How does tracking sleep improve my training? I just need to get enough sleep. That’s it. Simple.”

Ognjen Stojanović is a professional Serbian triathlete and one of our customers. He recently finished 3rd among men in Taizhou ASTC Triathlon Asian Cup in China. We’re so happy for Ognjen and congratulate him for such a great result! We’re glad Emfit QS contributes to the outcomes of his training!

“I’m impressed. I’m going to change how I do things with HRV.”

A review by The5krunner from last year explains what makes Emfit QS such a valuable assistant based on a personal everyday user experience. “Most of us pretty much know how well our training has gone that day. But most of us have absolutely no idea how our body is adapting to the stimulus that is caused by the exercise. The adaptation is the bit WHERE YOUR FITNESS IMPROVES – pretty key”, explains . So basically, with a short glance while enjoying breakfast in the morning, Emfit QS tells you if your body is ready for a workout and how hard it should be.

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