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Know exactly when to take it easy...
and when to push yourself to the limit

Overtraining is a serious threat especially for professional athletes. Deciding the optimal training intensity based on your gut feeling is not very reliable, but data is. EMFIT QS with +ACTIVE subscription provides powerful and automatic sleep and recovery tracking that will help you optimize your training intensity to maximize your sports performance. Hidden under the mattress, it is the only wellness monitor on the market that can provide you whole night heart rate variability (HRV) data for your recovery and readiness analysis, without you wearing anything. That makes EMFIT QS the preferred choice for so many athletes. It is the secret weapon that will help you lift your sports performance to new heights. This is where the journey towards your highest potential begins.

Forget about the burden of wearing a device to bed and endless charging

Whole Night Heart Rate Variability

Optimize your training to maximize your performance

Research links high HRV to good health and an optimal level of fitness, while decreased HRV is associated with stress and fatigue. EMFIT QS is the only non-wearable sleep and wellness monitor on the market that can provide data for accurate recovery and readiness analysis based on whole night HRV. Whole night HRV gives you a very detailed picture of the progression of your recovery and readiness for training. Evening HRV shows accumulated stress over the day, while morning HRV indicates your recovery status and readiness for a new day. With this insight, you can optimize your training intensity according to the actual requirements of your body, avoid overtraining and push yourself right to the limit.

Measuring recovery has never been this easy

Perfect for athletes

Reach new heights by optimizing your training intensity to beat your records and competition

Packed with insights

Incredibly comprehensive data

Our dashboard is said to be the most comprehensive on the market. It gives you detailed insight into your nightly recovery in a visually compelling way. For even deeper insight, you can view each feature in more detail to see how the values changed through the night.

Visually compelling UI

The information on the user interface of our web app is provided with simple graphics and vivid colors. It makes checking your nightly recovery data that much more enjoyable.​​

Trends up to 360 days

You can use the long and short term trends to spot sleep affecting lifestyle patterns. It will motivate you to create healthy and long-lasting sleep habits and lifestyle improvements. The trends also allow you to see how your fitness is developing on the long term. You can notice both improving fitness and overtraining more easily.​

You own your data

We are passionate about personal data ownership. Every EMFIT QS user owns his/her data and we guarantee that your private data is never handed over to any third party or used for other business purposes than serving you. Your data belong to you and that's it.



You definitely won't be bothered by wearing a device to bed. The super sensitive sensor can be placed discreetly under even a thick mattress. You won’t even notice it’s there! It literally is your secret weapon to improving your performance.​

Easy data access

Say goodbye to downloading and updating apps or software and using your phone processor and battery for data processing. You can access our cloud based web app on any device with a browser. Compatibility with your next phone will never be a problem.

Install and forget

Our embedded data acquisition, WiFi or cellular mobile data connectivity and electronics with own processor and memory guarantee fully autonomous data capture. No phone needed, no fuzz whatsoever. Just go to sleep as you always do and your EMFIT QS will take care of the rest.​

No sleep disturbance

In case you were worried about sleep disturbance - there's no need to be. The sensor is comprised of our proprietary, self-biased electro-active material that doesn't require power. In addition, the electronics with wireless transceiver is connected to the sensor by a long, durable cable so you can place it far from your bed to avoid sleep disturbance.

Are you ready to step into the future of improving sports performance?

Plans and Pricing

Fair and simple: a monthly, 12-month or 24-month QS+ACTIVE subscription based on your liking – with WiFi enabled EMFIT QS sleep analyzer included. Save money by choosing a longer subscription period.



per month

$19 billed monthly until cancelled

6-month minimum commitment



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$180 billed on order

Can be renewed at the same discounted rate on a monthly or yearly basis after the first 12 months

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$288 billed on order

Can be renewed at the same discounted rate on a monthly or 24-month basis after the first 24 months

SAVE 37%

Free shipping for 12-month and 24-month subscriptions