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Sleep tracking – your way to healthy life

Emfit QS has been on the market for quite a while but we still hear people question themselves how they can make use of the device. Emfit offers a sensor-based product and obviously requires some more understanding than just how to use it. The value of sleep tracking has been proved by many research works so not it’s time to implement it in your life.

Emfit QS is designed to target different customer groups and we constantly working on improving its features in order to satisfy the demands of our users. The device has become a solution not only for senior care, athletes or researchers, but also for simply active people: those who want to turn healthy lifestyle into reality for themselves and not to keep it as a never-reachable goal.

Using mobile apps is fun but it’s quite clear that the data you get there is far from accurate. Same happens with wearable devices, such as wristbands developed for activity tracking. Why so? Day activity is totally different from your activity during the rest time, during sleep. Therefore, the measurements from the wrist area also cannot be as accurate as the ones taken directly from your heart. Emfit QS uses ballistocardiography to produce the measurements during your sleep. It is a graphical representation of ”repetitive motions of the human body arising from the sudden ejection of blood into the great vessels with each heart beat” (NASA, 1965).


The Emfit QS sleep tracker is not simply a tool but a solution to optimize your life. It offers all the information needed to discover the state of your health and the link between your sleep quality and your health problems. What is the most important to understand here? Our tracker is not about telling you an exact number in your data that you should aim for. All of the numbers calculated for sleep analysis are individual and can never be standardised under same parameters. 

The main idea about interpreting your sleep data is understanding your baseline. Your individual baseline. Such information provides you with the knowledge of what is normal for your body and what is not. There are lots of factors that influence the results you get after each night both positively and negatively.

Sleep tracking

Why sleep tracking with Emfit QS is a solution?
Because the data you get can be applied in various ways, it’s not meant only for one single purpose. Our users can analyse their data at home and modify their daily routine/habits or ask a professional for a detailed guidance. Each one of us has his/her own goal in term of health improvement and the sleep data analysis should be based on that goal.

Think about yours. What is it that your would like to change in your lifestyle? Do any health problems bother you? Do you struggle with recovering at night and productivity at work the next day? Have you noticed possible symptoms of sleep apnea? Do you constantly feel fatigue even during weekends? Do you want to see better results out of the heavy workouts you complete?

NestMaven.com offers some great tips how to fight sleep problems and adjust small lifestyle habits in order to improve your health. Consider some of the reasons the website suggests that can convince you that tracking sleep is as important as tracking what you eat. Both have a direct impact on your health and efficiency of your work.

Everyone needs sleep to recover, whether it’s from work or workouts. Emfit QS makes it possible to find out how much rest each person needs to recover properly and thus makes it possible to maximize and optimize training or make sure that one gets enough sleep every night to perform at his/her best at work or school.

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