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Find balance in your day-to-day life

Our lifestyles are increasingly hectic these days. Not only can it be overwhelming and exhausting on the short run, but continuously pushing yourself too hard in the office and/or gym can also be damaging to your health in the long term. Burnout may be lurking right around the corner – or maybe you have already experienced it. It can start from small things you may even disregard or overlook. Letting the continuous strain prevail too long, however, will likely lead to more severe symptoms. The question is, how can you find more balance in your life and avoid tipping over the edge of too much strain?

Do you know how your lifestyle is affecting your health?

Start seeing patterns caused by your daily choices...

EMFIT QS is a powerful and automatic wellness monitor that helps you to find more balance in your daily life. It allows you to learn what amount of rest is optimal for you. Moreover, when analyzing your recovery, you can learn which habits and daily choices have a positive effect on your wellness – and which don’t; After you uncover your own data baselines, you can start seeing patterns in deviations from it. Does your sleep quality take a hit when you work out late or drink coffee or alcohol in the evening? Did a relaxing meditation session or walk outside have a positive effect on your recovery data?

...and learn how to leverage that insight

Noticing these patterns allows you to incorporate more of the healthy habits in your life and narrowing down the habits that are not good for you. You can also experiment with new things and see what effect they have. That way you can learn what works best for you and how to bring more balance to your life between strain and rest.

Learn what your mind and body need

Dive into deep health insights

Uncomparable health data

Our dashboard is said to be the most comprehensive on the market. It gives you very detailed insight into your sleep and health.

Visually compelling UI

The information on our web app is provided with simple graphics and vivid colors. It makes checking your health insights that much more enjoyable.

Trends up to one month

With access to short-term trends, you can conveniently notice sleep affecting lifestyle patterns. On the one hand, you can find healthy habits in your day to day life to hold on to. On the other hand, you can learn which habits are not good for your health.

You own your data

We care deeply about personal data ownership. You own your data and we guarantee that it is never handed over to any third party. Your data belong only to you.

With nothing to wear and no need for charging or turning your device on and off, all you need to do is go to sleep

Measuring health has never been so effortless

Install and forget

Our embedded data acquisition, WiFi or mobile data connectivity and electronics with its own processor and memory guarantee totally autonomous data capture. No phone needed, zero fuzz. Just jump into your bed and EMFIT QS will take care of the rest.


Don't like wearing devices to bed? Good! Neither do we. Our super sensitive sensor can be placed discreetly under even a thick mattress. You won't even notice it in your bed. Sleep and health tracking couldn't get any more comfortable or unobtrusive.

Easy data access

You can access our cloud based web app on any device with a browser, so say goodbye to downloading and updating apps and software and using your phone processor and battery. Compatibility with different devices will never be a problem. If you want to, you can easily tag the web app on the dashboard of your phone, computer or tablet for quick access.

No sleep disturbance

The sensor is comprised of self-biased electro-active material so it doesn't generate any capacitive field and therefore won't disturb your sleep. The transceiver component is connected by a long, durable cable, so you can place it far from your bed to also avoid sleep disturbance.

A more balanced life awaits... Are you ready?

Plans and Pricing

Fair and simple: a monthly, 12-month or 24-month QS+ACTIVE subscription based on your liking – with WiFi enabled EMFIT QS sleep analyzer included. Save money by choosing a longer subscription period.



per month

$19 billed monthly until cancelled

6-month minimum commitment



per month

$180 billed on order

Can be renewed at the same discounted rate on a monthly or yearly basis after the first 12 months

SAVE 21%



per month

$288 billed on order

Can be renewed at the same discounted rate on a monthly or 24-month basis after the first 24 months

SAVE 37%

Free shipping for 12-month and 24-month subscriptions